Lunch Life

Living on campus gives me plenty of wonderful opportunities to people watch–especially at meals. There are so many little atmospheres within the large dinning commons; there are tables overflowing with occupants, which have a different feel than the tables with couples, and nothing quite matches the sense of sitting alone. Looking at everything going on, questions come to mind; do those sitting alone prefer to stay that way? Is there a common denominator between people who sit alone?

I love to consider who sits with whom and how, as the company changes, the environment gains a different feel. On top of that, I am fascinated with watching where people sit. If there are only two people at a round table, how do they decide to sit in reference to each other? How close will most people sit next to another table-mate? When do people prefer facing each other and when would they rather sit side-by-side?

I like to watch for patterns during meals which demonstrate a lot about the community of Cornerstone University.  Do sports teams sit with each other mainly because they finish practice at the same time, or are they a little clique? Do freshman sit with each other because they don’t feel comfortable approaching upperclassmen or is it simply because they have more classes with each other and therefore are more familiar with other freshmen?

What are your experiences have been with eating cafeteria-style? Who do you often sit with and why? Are there social rules about who sat with whom? Where do you sit in relation to others at a table? If you are a Cornerstone student, I’d be especially interested in your perspective! Let me know what you think!


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