Introducing: How Not to be a Stalker!!

Well, folks, here ’tis! Unfortunately it’s not as hyped as the trailer, but it was a lot of effort, so enjoy it anyway 🙂 Be sure to leave comments and let me know your thoughts, keeping in mind this is my first video post. Enjoy!

P.S. if you the kind of person who likes life to be more dramatic, pull out some popcorn (but pop it in advance, the video is 3 min long).

3 thoughts on “Introducing: How Not to be a Stalker!!

  1. Wow, BethAnn! This was amazing! I love how you were able to bring another voice and perspective into your blog while addressing some really neat questions. Though I have met several people watchers, including myself, I have never heard anyone address questions about it’s purpose, it’s value, or it’s dangers. You bring up some really good points, many of which I hadn’t every considered. Great job, and hopefully you will consider doing another video post in the future!


  2. Very nice, BethAnn! It was a great first video post, and I enjoyed not only watching you and Mr. Osborne discuss the subject, but also the clips of you “people watching” while Mr. Osborne was elaborating on “How Not to be a Stalker”. It allowed me to have my ears AND my eyes engaged during the video post. Again, great job! –JoyEllen


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