New Blog Title: HELP!

0611171320a-1.jpgOkay, so what began as a class assignment with a focus on interpersonal communications has now become a heart-felt blog focusing more on my adventures of being a Christian. This being the case, I believe it may be time for a blog title change.

Unfortunately y’all, my dear readers, don’t realize how much say you have in my blog (what I write, how often I write, how confident I feel, what tone of voice I use…). But now is your time to shine! I’d really appreciate some help in coming up with a new blog title. Listed below are some options I’ve brainstormed, but I’m open to new suggestions as well 🙂 PLEASE comment on which title you like best/or any suggestions you have.

Possible titles:

  1. The Adventurous Life
  2. Adventurous Living
  3. Living the Dream
  4. Experiencing Adventure

Possible subtitles:

  1. Finding Joy by Keeping God at the Center
  2. Experiencing Joy with Raw Faith
  3. The Adventures of Following God
  4. Living with a Faith-Focus
  5. Living with Raw Faith

I like the word “Adventure” and in some shape or form I should probably declare my faith-focus.

While you’re at it, feel free to comment about anything else as well!

P. S. the picture of me and my fish has nothing to do with a new blog title, but I’m proud of my catch and thought this may be the only appropriate time to showcase it…


6 thoughts on “New Blog Title: HELP!

  1. The Christian Quest? You could also put the words exploration, escapade, journey, voyage, or undertaking in the title. Of your possible titles/sub-titles I probably liked Adventurous Living (or The Adventurous Life) with the sub-title The Adventures of Following God best. Just my thoughts.

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  2. Hey, BethAnn! I’ve been reading all of your posts and really appreciate your insight and your willingness to tackle some deep topics, and challenge your readers.
    As far as a new title for your blog goes, I almost want to suggest some play on words or something of the sort. Your blogs often take some daily thing or some very common situation and from those situations or ideas you pull out a lesson about faith or about attitude or something positive. So I think if you could do something similar with your title, that would be really cool.

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    1. Tessa, I super appreciate your feedback as well. Yeah, that would be fun… Would that be totally independent of my previous suggestions or not? Do you have ANY ideas for where to start with that?


  3. I like “The Adventurous Life”, “Experiencing Joy With Raw Faith” because you are always off hiking or skiing or whatever and taking your faith with you. I would love to hear more about the joy you get from these adventures.

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  4. I liked #1 (The Adventurous Life) with the subtitle of “Adventures of Following God”. It would be fun, though, to try a play on words, like “The Christian Catwalk 😏” or “The Extraordinary in the Ordinary”. And I think it’s a good idea to change the title of your blog. 🙂


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