Are you any different?: Living like He’s alive.

IMG_0138What are you doing that requires faith?

I don’t even remember now what book I read that question in. But I still remember the question. If you’re anything beyond a lukewarm “Christian,” then your faith should be changing your life.

If you aren’t living any differently than the rest of the world, then do you even truly believe? I mean, imagine: what if you were informed of the astounding news that the pain and suffering of this world is only temporary, and that there is a hope, a future, and a loving God who cares about each and every individual? Beyond this, what if you found out that this God had a plan for your life and that he wanted to give you a purpose; in fact, he was willing to fill you with his power just to use you in this present life? Don’t you think you should be living a little differently than the people who didn’t know this was the case?

Pastor Dr. Bruce Shelly explains that the word “Christian” in the New Testament is highly significant, meaning holy ones and “different.” “The Christian, therefore, is a person who is fundamentally different.” Not just in the outward way we dress. Not just by setting standards a little higher than the rest of the world. Instead, at the core, we are fundamentally different. We don’t just have to act differently, we are different. We have the Holy Spirit in us. Are you living differently?

Jonny Diaz emphasizes this idea in his song titled “Live Like He’s Alive“:


“The fire that burns in our beating hearts
Should shine like the light of a million stars
Brothers and sisters wherever you are
Children of God, oh, it’s time that we start to

Pray like, pray like God is listening
Give like, give like He provides
Oh I believe it would change everything
If we live like, live like He’s alive
So, live like He’s alive.”

It’s really easy to let the new message become old. Familiarity breeds disinterest. Excitement dies down.

But, as Christ-followers, we are called to live like God is alive and active regardless of how excited we may or may not feel. If you can’t quickly and clearly point out what in your life requires faith, then maybe you aren’t living like He’s alive.

Think about it.

Please comment below with times you’ve had the courage to live differently!

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