What you don’t know about your own life.

IMG_20180822_201315629_HDR-EFFECTS.jpgIt’s crazy how most of us go through life not recognizing some of the most evident things about living. Chances are, there is one really important point about life that you’re missing right now. I mean, if you’re like me, you often go through life focusing on accomplishing the next goal: finding something to eat for dinner, finishing the day at work, finding a summer job, completing a semester, getting a new car, graduating, getting married, having kids, retiring…

Goals are important. Very important. I mean, who wants to end up as a bum? What you don’t shoot for doesn’t just happen. But, at the same time, goals can be blinders. Easily. I can be so focused on graduating and getting a “real” job that I pay no attention to my current dream summer job. I can be so looking forward to having a family of my own that I pay no attention to my siblings around me. I can be so stressed during a semesterdownload of school, that I forget the unique advantages of being a college student. Life is an adventure and we miss the story of it if we skip to the end.

So, what so many people (including myself) don’t recognize about their own lives is that

this is life.

Right here. Right now. This is life; every second you spend right now is part of your life disappearing. If you think your life doesn’t start until you accomplish your goals, you have to realize that you’ll always have unaccomplished goals until the day you die.

So, nope. This is life and you’re living it. Are you appreciating the daily joys? Are you encouraging the people you love? Are you taking in each day aware of the present?

In one sense, this life may just be a preface to a whole bigger picture. There’s an eternity out there that we often forget to pay attention to. But, that does not discredit what we’re living right now. In fact, it makes this preface all the more important because what we do here sets up an entire novel.

I challenge you to live life as if this is life. Because it is. For one week, awake in the morning and take a moment to realize that “This is life.” You don’t have to change anything about your lifestyle. Just recognize that today is part of your life and if you want your life IMG_20180602_155108596_HDRto be purposeful, joyful, and a blessing to others, then that has to start today. Attitude makes as big of a difference as action.

For more reading on this subject, check out “Still waiting for life to start: Finding contentment right now,” because you obviously haven’t heard enough yet 😉

5 thoughts on “What you don’t know about your own life.

  1. That is a great reminder. It is definitely true that I get caught up in what is next without enjoying what is now. I am looking toward what my life will become, instead of looking at what it is now. Thanks for a great post, and I will try to live it out.


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