Begging God for Hamburgers: Is this Allowed?

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I like hamburgers.

The pastor at my church spoke last Sunday about prayer. One thing he emphasized is that it’s okay to pray about anything. Granted, God isn’t a vending machine and won’t always give us whatever we ask for, but it is okay to ask. Worried about the big test you haven’t studied at all for? Ask for a good grade. Interested in that guy who sits two seats over in your biology class? Ask for his attention. Really want hamburgers for dinner in the caf this week? Ask for it, and even ask for cheese to put on top! You can talk to God about anything and you can ask for anything. But, don’t let this be the only kind of praying you do.

When we ask for random, desperate things of God, our pastor compared this to kids in a grocery store. Walking through the chip isle, the kiddos beg for Doritos. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Can we please get Doritos? I haven’t had Doritos in forever!!!” The mother may say yes, the mother may say no. And then when the family walks into the man holding boy's headfrozen food isle, the kiddos shout excitedly, “Hey mom!! Superman ice cream!!! Can we please get Superman ice cream?! That’s our favorite! We don’t get that often!” Again, the mother will say yes or no. Then, at the check out, the children see the chocolate bars. “Oh Mom! Chocolate! You like chocolate! We should maybe get some chocolate! Please?”

So long as the kids don’t throw a fit after they are told “no,” the parents really don’t mind being asked for random, fun things like this. God loves hearing from us. He’s happy to occasionally surprise us with a “yes” when we ask for something that we suddenly really want. But we have to recognize that if this is the only communication we are having with our Father, we’re desperately missing something. No parent only wants to hear from their children when the kiddos want something off the shelf at the grocery store. Instead, the parents also want to hear about their children’s days at school. They want to hear from their kids about their friends. They want to have serious conversations about the kid’s hopes and dreams.

Never feel like you can’t beg God for any and every random thing you want. You can ask for a hamburger. God wants us to come to him in prayer. But don’t ever let this be the only communication you have with God. Share with your heavenly Father your serious, long-term passions and desires. Be persistent in prayer regarding these. Tell him about your day. Your fears. Your aspirations. He wants to be in communication with you. He loves you and wants to hear your deepest desires. Not just your random, sudden cravings for hamburgers 😉

Leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts. What are your experiences with prayer?

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