The Final Score: We win (holding onto hope)

ian-stauffer-578276-unsplash.jpgI don’t have to know you
Just to know you have been lied to at some point or place
Well, I can relate.
And you’re wondering if it’s worth it. Heartbroken, feeling worthless.
Oh, the hurt is too great
Like a punch in the face…
This goes out to anyone down for the count
It’s not over
Don’t give up, don’t throw in the towel.
Just remember who you belong to
Let me remind you how this ends:
We win
Life is like an adventure novel. There is suspense. Antagonists. Pain. Unknowns.
Because this life is all we’ve ever experienced, it’s very easy to get caught up in it. But if we only look at the here and now, the little section of the timeline that our lives fill, then there is much we miss (see my previous post about ultimately time perspective).
I don’t know where we fit in the grand story line of the universe exactly. However, I know that we are living somewhere before the climax. Which means that we have not yet seen the exciting conclusion. Which means we currently see a lot of heartache and pain and struggle. But that is the way that the build up to the climax goes. Not always woman leaning against wall facing downfun, my dear. However, proper for it’s place in the story line.
I’m not saying the pain is good. I’m not saying we need to enjoy it. I’m not even saying we need to ignore it. In fact, we need to acknowledge our pain. However, if the pain is the only focus of our lives, we have every reason to “throw in the towel.” I mean, life sucks. If this life was all there was, I would’ve given up–ended my life–long ago.
But the good news is that this life and this pain isn’t all there is. Perhaps every character in every adventure novel written was convinced the pain and suffering before the climax was all there was. But for those of us who have put our faith in Christ, we have a completely different story and we already know how it ends. MercyMe put it pretty clearly, friends: “we win.”
For real.
One day we will be living in a world free from sin. Free from pain. We’ll be ecstatically celebrating God’s victory over evil.
We’re clearly not there yet. But in the days where you want to give up, in the hours mohamed-nohassi-229698-unsplash.jpgwhere the tears seem impossible to hide, in the moments where hope seems obsolete, hold tight to the promise from the One who knows: we win. 
It will be okay. Hang in there.
Leave me a comment! How do you remind yourself of the hope that we Christ-followers posses? Do you believe that we win? Do you ever wonder if “it’s worth it”?

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