Where I belong: Where God leads

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God has a sense of humor. In my exhausting journey of job applications, there came a point when I cried myself to sleep, woke up the next morning, and verbally stated that–after 138 job applications–I quite literally gave up.

An hour after that, I received the offer for this job that I’m currently working.

I’ve been here a month and there are some things that assure me that God put me in the right place.

  1. This morning at the breakfast table, some coworkers and I had a conversation about the existence of Heaven and Hell. Living in an environment where these discussions are welcomed–even at the very start of the day–is something I highly respect.
  2. Last week I organized a game of Ultimate Frisbee and a huge crew showed up. Bro. I’m pretty sure Ultimate is my love language.
  3. grass field under cloudy skyLast week a neighbor and I ran through a nighttime downpour to throw out her recycling just for the thrill of the “adventure.” I’m normally the one who has to drag others into such innocent, but random, adventures. To have someone else suggest it spoke straight to my heart.

Maybe the things that convince me that I belong don’t attract you at all. But that’s why I’m working here and you’re not.

And I’m working here because God led me here. And God knows what he’s doing.

I didn’t hear God speaking to me verbally. I didn’t have my pastor direct me here. Camp Timber-lee didn’t come and knock on my door at home. I had to put in lots of work and lots of prayer. But through that process, God has provided wise council and wisdom so that, after I took all I knew how to into account, I did what I thought best and left it up to God.

IMG_20190420_102004737.jpgIt’s never an easy process to trust God’s plan–by any means, but as I look back, I see how much God knows what he’s doing. In those recent, painful months of job searching, God didn’t leave me high and dry. Last summer, when I thought I would have to settle for a less-than-optimal job option, God dropped a perfect position into my life last minute. Earlier, when I couldn’t decide which college to go to, he provided Cornerstone (and again, wise counsel and common sense to lead me there).

There have been many points in my life where I stressed over a big decision. I don’t know that I’ve ever enjoyed these periods of time. But, I also don’t know of a single time where–when I was truly prayerful and wise in my decision-making (and willing to put IMG_20190420_114337771.jpgforth honest effort)–God didn’t direct me and provide for me. If you’re pursuing God in your decision, there is no reason to doubt that God will also lead and provide for you (regardless of how obviously or subtly he does so).

I want to be more intentional about remembering God’s presence so that I can grow in confidence and peace, and be more trusting in the next decision that stresses me. Will you join me in taking a moment to consider where and how God has led you? I’d love to hear your comments.

Where has God directed you in the past? Have you had a time where God failed you? What signs have you experienced to know that God placed you where he made you to fit?

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