Getting away with what’s wrong; Living differently

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One of the delightful aspects of moving out of state is the joyous process of switching over car insurance, drivers’ licences, and licence plates. I’m so excited for this task that I’ve been putting it off longer than I should.

In all honesty, I could probably get away with putting it off (provided I don’t run into any strict cops) for quite a while still. It would be cheaper, not technically illegal, and easier. Every month I’m paying for my cheaper MI insurance is money saved. With a looming college debt, that’s incentive.

But even though doing so isn’t inherently technically wrong, it’s also distinctly not right. Discussing the topic with my mom the other day, she pointed out that God will always provide a way to do the right thing the right way–no matter how it might feel to us.

I suppose I already knew that. But I hadn’t been looking at the situation that way.

Paying off debt is God’s will. I’m not wrong to want to do that as quickly as possible. But it is not God’s will that I go about paying off my debt in some less-than-wholly-right methods. And if I truly trust God, I will take the inconvience of doing the right thing the right way even if it seems like a slower path to my end goal. Because God is big enough to provide.

God doesn’t just restrict this principle to financial decisions. What are you letting slide–doing not quite the right way–because you know it will bring you to a right thing in the end?

Doing the right thing the wrong way is still the wrong thing. Do I trust God enough to truly put that into practice? Do you?

We Christ-followers are called to stand out and be different. If buying new insurance and plates in a timely manner is part of that calling, well, I suppose I’d better get on it.

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