Daydreaming vs. Living the Dream

woman in white dress lying in white dress

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep. As a kid, I used to invent stories as I lay in bed to entertain myself while I waited for unconsciousness. They would be stories of adventure where I was a hero, or stories of romance where I was a drop-dead gorgeous damsel in distress. No matter the context, I was always the beautiful, perfect, delightful girl that everyone loved and only had praise and support for.

If I’m being honest, those pre-sleep fairy tales continued throughout my teen years, and some nights I am still very tempted to collapse into a perfect imaginary world where I do everything right and am loved by all. But I don’t think this is necessarily healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about imagination! I have mad respect for individuals who person holding green string LED light sitting on bed sheetcan invent stories, who can see what is not, who can create fun scenarios. But sometimes our dreams of what could be or should be create a strong dissatisfaction with where we are right now. They can give us a sense of expectation for something that can never be here. I will never be perfect or find the perfect man or save the world the way I do in my fantasies.

Maybe your daydreams aren’t as fantastical as mine; maybe you don’t lay in bed imagining yourself getting thoroughly mauled by a bear and then discovered by a good-looking fellow and his charming family who take you in and provide the best three weeks of your life. But maybe you dream of a day when you don’t have financial stress, or when you can upgrade your car, or when you get married to the love of your life.

So, while daydreaming isn’t wrong, I’d like to challenge myself–and you–to switch things up and try appreciating what we have right now when we’re tempted to dream about what we could have in a different life or scenario.

Lately, when I’m waiting for sleep in my bed, instead of configuring a perfect world somewhere else, I take my time thanking God for the blessings that he’s given me right IMG_20190528_110434311_HDR.jpghere at Camp Timber-lee. In doing so, I find myself growing more and more grateful where I am, living as a daughter of the King in the place where my Father wants me. It’s not perfect, but there is a stinkin’ ton to be thankful for.

The life you’re living is a life someone else only dreams of.

What blessings exist for you now that make your present life as good as a dream?

6 thoughts on “Daydreaming vs. Living the Dream

  1. I really like the statement in the end: “The life you’re living is a life someone else only dreams of.” It really puts things in perspective and makes me grateful.
    Thanks for another wonderful post!


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