Running is Torture…but We Gotta Move

silhouette photo of a person running on roadI detest running. It’s an awful form of torture. Running is for people who are athletic, responsible, healthy, determined, and self-controlled.

Sometimes I like to pretend that I am athletic, responsible, healthy, determined, and self-controlled, though, so I force myself to put a few miles in the log…normally hating myself in the process.

As a teen though, I would push myself occasionally to run, knowing that the torture only lasted as long as the run did (generally). As I would run, I would constantly think to myself “this pain will be in the past in twenty minutes, when I finish.” And I would try to brown-and-white clocksimagine myself done with the run. It was the only way I could motivate myself to keep going. And, miraculously, there always (and I mean every single time) came a time when I really was done with the run and finished with the torture.

Time is so freakin’ wonky like that. It just keeps going and the future keeps becoming the past. And everything ends at some point.

Anyway, realizing this weird reality of time should inspire us to be intentional in the moment. If we want our future to offer us great opportunities, or if we want to be proud of our pasts, sometimes we gotta do the painful thing in the present.

Maybe my youngun’ BethAnn brain had it right as a kid; maybe we need to be so focused on the goal–or so aware of the brevity of our torture–that we’re willing to put up with some pain. Because sometimes torture in the present is what it takes to shape up and live life right. I’m rarely–if ever–proud of my lazy moments.

woman stretching on gray concrete pathwayMaybe for you that means literally getting off of this here electronic device and physically going for a run. Maybe it means spending time, energy, or money serving others. Maybe it means pouring into a relationship you don’t wholly feel ready to pour into.

Either way, my dear readers, I would like to challenge you to make a move. Let’s do something that will present us as more athletic, responsible, healthy, determined, or self-controlled before the God who created us with the ability to be these things through his great power.

And honestly, I think it’s true that the more you run, the less you hate it.

4 thoughts on “Running is Torture…but We Gotta Move

  1. Great post, BethAnn! I’m going to start quoting things from your posts soon. 😉 I love your insight into different areas of life. 🙂


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