One Awkward Moment; Is that too high a price to save a life?

I was sitting in the first meeting of our Tuesday night Bible study. I didn’t know the other two girls well at all, but how the conversation was going was making me squirm. The discussion question asked was how can we approach different people differently in order to be the best witness of God’s Truth.

The gist of the response was: “They can see through my actions that I’m a Christian. If they have any questions, they know they can ask me.”

At some point in their lives, both of these Bible study girls had seen fire-and-brimstone street corner preachers condemning those who are walking along the sidewalk. Not a fan of this approach, my buddies went the other direction. They determined that the best way to witness is to silently go about our Christian lives, living out the Gospel, but essentially keeping our mouths shut until directly questioned–for fear of otherwise deterring people from the faith.

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I understand. I don’t usually support hellfire preachers condemning everyone either. And, since I don’t think being violently abrasive is the best way to share God’s love, what a perfect excuse to become exceedingly passive in my witnessing! And we’ve all heard stories about people converting others simply through their godly livestyles.

It happens. And I’d absolutely love for it to happen to me. But, for real guys, to restrict myself to this kind of witnessing is to put a giant damper on my opportunities.

Folks, how stinkin’ small is your God??

I don’t know who you chose for a teammate, but I am working with a God who is waaaaay larger than my mistakes. He’s larger than the wrong words I might use when I try to explain my faith. He’s larger than the way I might come off if I say too much too soon. He’s larger than the blunders I’ve made in the past that make me feel unqualified to share my faith.

Think about it for a moment. My God is so great that he could singlehandedly save each and every individual in this world. But that’s not how he decided to run things. He decided to let us try our hand and work alongside him. And I can guarantee that no “‘mistake” you make is beyond his using. The more we give God, the more he can use for his glory. The more passive we are, the less we are allowing him to use.

Yes, in everything there is a balance. Usually abrasive street corner preaching is too much. But, honestly, friends, I’m so far on the other side of that line that I don’t have to worry about restraining the fire-and-brimstone side of me. Instead, I need to work on getting my lazy, timid butt of the couch and make an effort to go a little out of my comfort zone to make my faith evident.

My mom is saved today because her friend wouldn’t let up in inviting her to church. My sister’s coworker is going to church today because my sister took the awkward step to invite her. My friend’s coworkers are asking her questions because she took the initiative to start the conversations.

Casting Crowns wrote a song that I highly suggest listening to: One Awkward Moment. The song really stood out to me. It tells the story of a girl who is very much struggling with her life and the opportunity that you might have to interact with her.

“Could this be the day that you come to the rescue?
She’s desperate for the light but she’s never gonna ask you.
One word, one hand
Tell me, is that too high a price?
One awkward moment
Could be the one that saves a life.”

purple flowers on bookpage

Yes, bringing up my worldview in a discussion might seem controversial. Starting a Bible study might feel uncomfortable. Inviting someone to church might be very awkward.

But, “tell me, is that too high a price? One awkward moment could be the one that saves a life.”

Be a part of this conversation: who has led you where you are spiritually? And how did they do so? What stops you from being bold?


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