I lose things. (Keeping track of Truth)

shallow focus photo of clear glass jar lot

I have an embarrassing habit of losing things. What’s more, I am notoriously impossible when it comes to finding things. As a kid I would be sent to the pantry to look for a food item and when I came back with empty hands, inevitably someone else would be sent down because no one trusted my finding skills.

Then, even as an 18 year old, my boss sent me to a paint cupboard to find a certain paint. When I came back empty handed, she asked if we were all out. I told her I couldn’t find it, but I had very little faith that this meant it wasn’t actually there right in plain view.

Sometimes I can’t find things because I misplaced them or we actually are all out. But there are also plenty of times when I can’t find the items in question simply because I person holding brown eyeglasses with green trees backgroundhave seen them so many times, I didn’t even register that they were there when I was looking straight at them. Hidden in plain sight, ya know?

I don’t only have this problem with physical objects. Sometimes I run into this issue with abstract truths. Then it takes someone to present the truth in a new way for me to actually see it or remember it.

For instance, God’s awareness of and presence in my everyday life is a hard and fast truth. But I can know this and still be completely blind to the fact at times. God can feel incredibly distant and vague.

And for this reason, I really appreciate Downhere‘s song  Bleed for this LoveCertain lines do a great job of ripping me back to my senses and opening my eyes;

“Did you doubt, for a moment, that I felt your pain?

Did you fear, for a moment, that I’d leave you there?

person raishing his handJust when you think the story’s over, you know my love is strong as ever, ’cause I’m gonna bleed for this love.

To pay your debt, I’ll be the ransom. Then to bring you life, I’ll give it all…

Yes, I’m gonna bleed for this love.”

When I imagine God gently asking if I doubted him, I realize it’s somewhat true. And then I realize how unnecessary that doubt is. When I imagine Jesus literally offering his lifeblood out of his affection for me, I’m not really sensing a distant God.

As humans, undoubtedly the familiar will slowly fade from view at times, and we’ll be blind to the obvious truths that God presents. But this is why we have to put forth effort to keep these integral truths fresh in our minds. Intentionally spending time in prayer, in the company of other believers, in worship, and in focusing on our Creator is absolutely essential to our faith in God.

Sometimes it entirely feels like a chore to keep up with these parts of life. I mean, grey wooden cross on mountainsometimes it is. But the work does not go without reward. Seek and you will find.

My words of encouragement for you–and my reminder for myself–is that even if we lose sight of biblical truths, even if we sometimes (often?) do doubt that God feels our pain, God has not lost any single one of us in the masses.

He’s there, waiting to connect with you--despite your mistakes and distractions–and he is going to bleed for this love.

What has opened your eyes to truths? How have you kept from becoming blind?

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