Rocking Plan ‘F’; Living with Power

golden hour photography of rock formation on body of water

I had literally just finished specifically thanking God for some sort of game plan. I like me my schedule and I’ve been missing a schedule for a long time. When I finally had a game plan for the day, I went out of my way to thank God for this blessing.

Then I set aside my prayer journal, picked up my phone, and found a text telling me plans changed and my carefully crafted schedule for the day fell apart. “What the stinkin’ heck, God? What kind of game is this? Maybe I should stop thanking you for things…” That was my response to God, but as much as it was my emotional reaction, I definitely know better than to stop thanking God for things. And the irony was so strong it was hard to be too upset–as it was clearly making a point.

This small situation was a very concrete example of how little control I have over my life. I had plans to graduate from school, seek and gain a professional job very quickly, rock person on clear glass shardsthe world and make a huge difference.

My plans have since kinda fallen apart.

In the Bible study I’m working through currently, there is a chapter on power; and who has the power. Focusing on chapters 11 & 12 of Mark, the study highlights how the teachers of the law, the Chief Priests, the elders, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Herodians, all at some point questioned Jesus’ authority and power. They thought they had the power, but in every case, Jesus flipped the situation around and proved that he, alone, has the true power.

In thinking through this, I can’t deny that I don’t have the power of control. If I could control my life, it would’ve been very different–so this fact is very evident. However, that doesn’t mean I’m powerless. In fact, I believe God has used my life in many ways up to this point. I believe I can plug into God for power and he will use me in great and fantastic ways.

2 Timothy 1:7 states “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” We in and of ourselves are like the teachers of the law, thinking man sitting on mountain cliff facing white clouds rising one hand at golden hourwe’re full of power, but having our plans and ideas flipped on their heads.

But, when we put our source in perspective, we can allow God to work through us in exceedingly powerful ways. We can have fantastic confidence that God will work in and through us and will, indeed (in some way), truly change the world and make a huge difference. In fact, to expect anything less of God is, I believe, to cut him short and risk wasting our finite time here on earth. This could be a very, very painful mistake.

A woman I spoke with today stated something that immediately stuck with me. She said she’s not living the plan she expected to live, but divine intervention brought her where she is and now she’s “Rocking plan ‘F’!” That’s where I want to be. No matter where God leads me, no matter how many plans I have to toss out the window, wherever I am in the moment, I want to be rocking it. I want to be taking on the day with confidence, knowing I’m fully backed by the God of the universe–and I have that power. That’s big.

Don’t overestimate control. But don’t underestimate power. 

Please comment! What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree?

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