“What seem like bad intentions may really be good intentions expressed in a different conversational style.” –Deborah Tannen

For the most part, humans are simply tying to go about life with as little conflict as possible. Most of the time we have good intentions and desire to treat each other in love. So why do we see each other so negatively?

On top of this, God has gifted each human being with unique skills and talents. So often we don’t appreciate these because we react judgmentally, dissing differences instead of seeing God’s handiwork in these. This is especially dangerous and hypocritical for Christ-followers, whose ambition should be to demonstrate God’s love to the world instead of evidencing this extreme judgmentalism.

Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication is a tool that can be used to either accentuate these differences for the worse or the better. This tool, though available to everyone, is often left forgotten, misused, and underestimated. My goal, then, in this blog is to bring to the conscious the existence and power of this tool, especially for the young adults of my generation. I desire to help demonstrate how to communicate and react in a positive manner. I intend to uncover the positive intentions that most people are trying to put forth. In doing so, I especially hope to convict/inspire those who call themselves Christians to live in a manner worthy of the title–using their communication to glorify God.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on my posts. Audience feedback is the best way to know if I’m accomplishing my goal 🙂